Friday, September 28, 2012

read: Nerd Do Well (3 stars)

Nerd Do WellNerd Do Well by Simon Pegg
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My attraction to this book began with the title. How could I resist the offerings of a fellow nerd? The jacket blurb further cemented my need to read it, invoking and evoking love for the same cross-section of science fiction and adventure genre films that I crave. It was instantly on my to-be-read (someday) list. That day came when it showed up on the display shelf of the local library and I snatched it up without thinking if I could even find the time to read right now. I couldn't. But I did anyway, in fits and starts.

Reading about Pegg's life in fits and starts seems fitting, since that is how he seems to have lived it and also how he writes about it. Mixed in with the non-chronological memoir of how he came to be a genre (not-quite-super) star are some oddly personal (considering he didn't want this book to be too personal) moments (TMI) and alternating chapters of an intentionally badly-written adventure story starring a fictional Pegg. These are the parts I skipped.

The parts I enjoyed (for the most part) describe his love of science fiction and TV and film and especially science fiction TV and films (Star Trek and Star Wars), how he managed to get an education in drama almost in spite of himself and then almost as accidentally parlay that into an actual career.

The writing is servicable and sometimes funny. His insights into genre films (especially his reactions to the various incarnations of Star Wars) and how they are made make the book palatable (I would have liked much more of this). The rest of the book is a hodge podge, like he couldn't quite decide what to focus on.

You may like (parts of) this book if you are a Star Wars or Star Trek fan. The rest of you can give it a pass.

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