Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not a Film Critic

No, I'm not a film critic. That's why if anyone actually reads this blog, they won't find any actual film reviews. What you will find are occasional film opinions. These are really just notes to myself about why I may or may not have liked a film. This is, after all, a personal weblog, not really meant to be read by anybody but me. Right?

One reason I'm not a film critic is that I am too much of a film fan, even of bad films, to be that critical of them. I am truly fascinated and enraptured by almost any moving picture.

Another reason I'm not going to attempt to write actual reviews is that such things usually include a summary of the plot. This is something I am loath to do. After all, if these are just notes to myself, I've already seen the film. I don't need any reminding of the essence of the plot. If I do, I can certainly find it elsewhere. And if I did attempt to summarize, I would more than likely write too little or too much, rather than just enough.

Finally, I'm not going to write critical reviews because I don't like being critical in general. There are plenty of other people out there, and in this case those other people are paid professionals, who accomplish plenty of criticism on my behalf. I'd much rather err on the side of nice-ness.

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