Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Swing Vote" [C+]

What would happen if the entire presidential race boiled down to one vote? With just as preposterous a premise as giant flying robots, this film attempts to find out.

What worked: I loved the small Southwestern town and the population just managing to scrape by and the kids with lousy parents trying to do better. The rapacious media and the disingenuous politicos were fine-tuned and right on. Having the daughter find out that her mother was in even worse shape than her loser father was a nice touch (as opposed to having her actually live up to the hopes the daughter had for her). There were some laughs.

What didn't work: The Kevin Costner loser character did not elicit much empathy from me. He was simply a loser and didn't care that he was a loser, even though he supposedly loved his daughter. The plot worked, but it was missing a real driving force. There was much mugging going on, but not much acting.

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