Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mini-review: "Juno" [B-]

Am I the only one who sees through all the hype on this? Even Roger Ebert loved it. Why?

I guess teenagers talk like this, but not all the time. It takes months to come up with witty repartee. And then you stick with it for months without moving on to the next thing. In the very first scene, I wanted to smack Rainn Wilson for talking to a customer in such a belittling manner. Yikes! Why would anyone shop there? Apparently, writing over-the-top banter, outrageous characters, and a simple plot are what get you an Academy Award for screenplay.

As for the rest, I suppose it was meaningful and raw and realistic. Juno's defensive mechanism was to always be 'on', which I found more annoying than endearing. She came off as much too cool and calculating for a 16yo. People sure argued with each other a bunch, which I also found almost as grating as they found each other. The message that everyone ultimately stuck together and made a bad situation work, for the good of the child, was probably what audiences and critics liked. In the end, that made it almost work for me. But I mark it down for being a wise acre.

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