Friday, February 19, 2010

Look to the Stars

I just moved some book notations to GoodReads from ancient scrawls in InfoSelect. In the notes was a reminder of what I had in mind when I gave each book from 1 to 5 stars. I think they still work:
***** WOW - everyone must read this book
**** Good - I would recommend it
*** OK - Read it if you like this sort of thing
** Whatever
* Yuck
- Why did they print this?
I also have a grading system for films, correlating the Yahoo! Movies grading system (which used to have the associated text) and the IMDb 10 star rating system.
10 = A: Outstanding
9 = A-: Almost perfect
8 = B+: Memorable
7 = B: Good
6 = B-: Fair
5 = C+: Flawed, but worthy
4 = C: Mediocre
3 = C-: Disappointing
2 = D: Dreadful
1 = F: All-time worst
Yahoo! also allows A+ for films. But I've always thought that A was as high a grade as anyone should get. And below C-, I don't bother distinguishing "+/-". What does it matter at that point?

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