Friday, March 12, 2010

"Up in the Air" [B+]

Very snappy and stylish for the first half of the film. It almost made you want to be that guy, the one you see that gets tens of thousands of miles a year, that gets to stay in nice hotels, and wear nice clothes, and eat nice meals. But that's an important almost, because you still feel the emptiness of his existence, even though he doesn't see it yet. The second half is slower and more heartfelt. Yet, the two halves work together and tell a complete, though unfinished, story.

I thought Clooney was first-rate, as was the supporting cast. He starts out with just the right touch of smarmy professionalism--the same trait that he brought so well to Michael Clayton, where he also did a bang up job--that he then turns ever so delicately, with director Jason Reitman's help, into heartbreak in the second half. Good script, too. I can see why it got all the Oscar nominations.

"Up in the Air" (IMDb)

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