Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Inception" [A-]

Well the big question that everyone needs to talk about with this movie is one that I won't write about or even hint at beyond what I just wrote because it would spoil the film for the three people that haven't yet seen it. Inception gets an 'A' for it's original ideas and clever writing, amazing direction, production values, and editing, and for the top notch cast and acting. It is indeed the thinking person's action movie. However, that's also where I have to mark it down a little.

Why all the action? Is this what happens in most people's dreams? Car chases and shootem-ups? That seems to be the implication, because it keeps happening over and over again. At least the director didn't completely fall into the action movie trap. The sequences are truly thrilling and interesting and are tied together into a genuine story with a genuine climax and payoff. I concur that this is the must see film of the summer.

Inception (IMDb)

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