Sunday, November 13, 2011

read: The Jefferson Key (3 stars)

The Jefferson Key (Cotton Malone, #7)The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not an unpleasant read and there were parts that were thrilling, in a television thriller sort of way. I am new to Steve Berry's Cotton Malone and I would not recommend this as a way to get into it. It would have been easier to follow and I would have cared more about what was happening to the characters if I had already been through more adventures with them.

This is a lot of talking, posturing, plotting, threatening, and double-crossing, with just a touch of evil doing. There was a little jet-setting up and down the East Coast, but with little sense of adventure. The pirate lore was interesting, including the ties to the founding fathers. But I never quite bought into the modern pirates Commonwealth scheme.

I was glad to see from other reviewers, and even the cover blurb, that this is not a typical Cotton Malone adventure. I'll give him another try one of these days.

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