Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Surrogates" [B-]

Surrogates asks an interesting what-if question and ultimately comes up with a thought provoking twist on an answer. What-if you could replace your public persona with an android of any shape, size, color, or sex? Of course, not everyone would think that's a good idea and not everyone could afford it. This film lightly explores the former idea and seems to ignore the latter. It also only touches on the implications for real interpersonal relations and pretty much ignores the problem of personal fitness for a population forever reclining in their avatar pilot couches.

Rather than explore these issues, it uses the full arsenal of modern special effects to create a standard story of political and economic intrigue with this science fiction premise laid on top. But it does work as an action-mystery movie, even though Bruce Willis does seem to be a bit bored with it at times.

Surrogates (IMDb)

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