Monday, October 1, 2012

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" [C+]

While I was watching this movie, I was laughing. I thought I was enjoying it. But now that it's over, I have a hard time giving it more than grudging acceptance that maybe it was funny for those two hours. I think this is a little like the way the characters feel about their love lives. They think they're enjoying it, but if they think about it a little deeper they discover that what they have is not love, but lust (even for those yearning for monogamy) and self-centeredness. These love stories are not about giving, but getting.

Yes, there is good writing here (I was laughing, remember?). And there is some good acting and directing. These all lift "Crazy, Stupid, Love" above being a complete waste of time (like some recent rom-coms that seem to think that comedy is all about four letter words, prat falls, and potty mouth) and make it potentially very sweet and intelligent. I'm not sure where it really falls down (one big misstep is when the 17-year-old baby sitter decides it's OK to give the 13-year-old boy nude photos of herself to feed his unrequited obsession with her - huh?). All I know is that when all is said and done I am not convinced that anyone in this film is destined to live a truly happy life.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (IMDb)

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