Monday, October 1, 2012

"Looper" [A]

Looper is the type of science fiction film, heck it's the type of film period, that gets you thinking and talking about what you saw. It compels you to try to make sense of it, not just the science-baloney of it, which is obviously impossible and implausible, while remaining fun and thought-provoking. But it also makes you think about what the characters were going through and the decisions they were making in order to try and make sense of their motivations and actions. You don't walk out of it just satisfied with having been a spectator at a spectacle.

It isn't all talk, however. There is plenty of spectacle here. From gritty, gun-dominated streets (a la Resevoir Dogs, Robocop or Drive) to the futuristic, yet recognizable technology (the cell phones look even more cool, but still work like crap), it's all blended together with jaw-dropping writing, directing, and acting. One odd note comes in the form of the contortions performed on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face to make him seem like a younger Bruce Willis. It's not any more convincing than probably half that much would have been and it's often just distracting.

This is a film I can recommend to anyone that can look past the gut-wrenching violence and find the lost souls within.

Looper (IMDb)

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